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New 2002 frames!!!

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Read the article about "Vebor" in Ukrainian Kiyiv weekly newspaper "Business" (in Russian).

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We sell the lightest, strongest, and simply the best magnesium frames on Earth.

Our state of the art and technology frames are made by an innovative European company - "Magnesium Litech Kft.", which in 1995 first found the way to build strong, durable, and extremely light bicycle frames made from a magnesium alloy (94% - magnesium, 6% - other secret additives).

Волшебный магний! "Magnesium Litech" has two manufacturing facilities: one in Kharkiv, Ukraine and another in Moscow, Russia. In these facilities frames are handmade by the most experienced framebuilders in a process that involves computer modeling, TIG-welding, protective anticorrosion coating, impressive painting, and a lot more.

"Magnesium Litech Kft." was started in 1995 and since then frames went through intensive testing in the labs and on the roads, were constantly improved, and won different awards on the bike and technology shows throughout the world. And all of this is taken together and delivered to you in a featherweight seamlessly extruded TIG-welded magnificent structure, so that you can enjoy every second of your ride to the maximum limit and beyond.

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