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New 2002 frames from "Magnesium Litech"!!!

Full-suspension Magnesium

Frames features: a stiff and strong triangular rear swingarm with single pivot point, Mg-alloy both main frame and rear trianlge / swingarm, new tubes heat treatment techniques, disc brakes mounts, Fox air shock, and other custom details.

Extra  Road

Frames features: increased side-to-side stiffness and new heat treatment techniques for the tubes (Road Racing frames geometry and other features).

BMX  ultra

Frames features: an extra stiffness and side-to-side rigidity, BMX-style horizontal drop-outs, and weight of only about 1180 grams (~2.6 Lbs.) per frame.


Frames features: S-bend seat-stays, reinforced chain-stays and seat-stays junctions, reinforced bottom bracket and head tube (MTB Team geometry and other features).


Frames features: CNC chaihstays juntction with bottom bracket, reinforced head tube and bottom bracket, and disc-brakes mounts (MTB Elite geometry and other features, including changing diameter down tube - wider near the B.B. and longer vertically near the H. tube).

Overall new features for 2002 and some from previous years:

  • butted and specifically shaped tubes
  • new heat treatment techniques for the tubes
  • optional and standard disc-brakes mounts
  • creative painting
  • and other custom features (including custom frames)

Special project: Trials frames

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