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Just so that you don't think that magnesium is a rare material in a bicycle industry, here are links to some websites of the major companies in the bicycle industry that use magnesium in their products:

Most major suspension forks manufacturers use magnesium for almost all of their forks outer sliders.
Famous innovative "Cannondale" uses magnesium in their bikes. Like their "Raven" with magnesium spine covered with a carbon fiber skin or the newest hit "Scalpel" which uses magnesium parts in its magic new rear triangle design.
"Intense" uses magnesium in their superlight disc-specific magnesium wheels.
"Avid" uses magnesium in their new "Mag" series V-brakes, which makes them 30g lighter then "Shimano's XTR".
"Easton" makes three types of magnesium stems for cross-country, down-hill, and road use.
"Titec" produces two types of magnesium bar ends.
"Time" has two types of magnesium road pedals.
"Answer" is now making super light and strong magnesium MAG Pro BMX forks!
One of the top features of new "Maverick American" is its magnesium Monolink !
"Grimeca" is now producing magnesium wheels !
"Wellgo" are good known for their magnesium pedals !
The top company in disc performance "Hayes Disc Brakes" now make HFX MAG - magnesium bicycle disc brakes !
"Weylless" magnesium MG-1 pedals are some of the lightest for BMX!

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